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About The College Library

Library is the knowledge hub of the institution. With this moto Rupahi College library was established along with establishment of the college in 1981. But it was fully functioning from the joining of the permanent librarian in 1999. The college library named after \'Central Library, Rupahi College\'. The Central Library provide library facilities to the regular students of the college who can borrow two books at a time for 15 days. Those who fail to return the borrowed books on time are subject to a fine of 50 paisa per day per book. If the books are found damaged in any from or lost during the said period of his/her possession the student will have to pay the value of the book / books as directed by the college librarian. The Central Library, Rupahi College is open for outgoing students and outsiders also with due permission from the authority of the college with maintaining certain formalities. Central Library, Rupahi College has at present more than 21000 thousand text books and reference books. Subscribing eight newspaper and eight Journal/Magazine.


Library Management


Dr. Monoj Kumar Nath, Principal--- Chairman
Dr. Ferdusi Begum, Vice-Principal--- Member
Dr. Abdul Jalil, Librarian-- Member Secretary
Dr. Bandana Borah, Associate Professor--Member
Inamul Hoque, Assistant Professor---Member
Shehnaz Parbin, Assistant Professor---Member


Dr. Abdul Jalil, Librarian
Contact: 9864664392
Jugal Kishor Deka, Computer Assistant
Abdul Hye, Library Bearer
Zakaria Mihrab Ansary, Library Bearer