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Brief History of Mathematics Department: The Department of Mathematics was formed in 2017.The Department offers B.Sc programme in Mathematics. The academic programme is managed by a competent core faculty and backed by updated syllabi of Gauhati university and computer laboratory which oriented towards preparing the students to get a strong background in Mathematics.

Vision: We want to provide students with a quality education in mathematics with a focus on teaching that helps students think clearly and present an argument logically so they can develop the habit of approaching all problems in life, whether they arise at work or elsewhere, in a similarly clear and logical way. To make this work, maths teachers work to make the steps clear and to instill in the minds of young students a sense of clarity and logical thinking, giving them the ability to act as responsible citizens and approach problems in daily life in a logical and methodical way.

The goal of the mathematics department is to instill a feeling of discipline in students through the teaching of maths and the valuable problem-solving skills. Teachers put a lot of effort into boosting students' enthusiasm for and interest in the learning process.