Rupahi College
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College Rules & Regulations


  1. The college is committed to lay maximum emphasis on discipline and character building aspects of the students community. The students are supposed to follow the rules and regulations of the college.
  2. Breach of rules like irregular attendance, irregular clearance of college dues, objectionable activities, unruly behavior in the college premises in any form etc will be some of the major offences which may invite disciplinary action like deprivation from scholarship, compulsory transfer and even expulsion from the college.
  3. All other associations including the Students Union shall be subject to the direct control of the college administration.
  4. No notice can be pasted or circulated by the students within the college premises without the prior approval of the Principal of the college.
  5. The college is very much aware of the curse of ragging in the temple of learning in any form. So ragging is strictly prohibited in the college.
  6. Students are required to extend the due regard for rights and properties of the institution. Any student found guilty of tampering / damaging the properties, furniture, books, equipments etc. of the college is liable to punishment by the authority.
  7. The grievance redressed cell of the college will take up the grievances of all concerned those who opt. for it.
  8. In case of disciplinary matters, the principal of the college is the chief executive authority and he or his teams' decision shall be treated final in all such matters.


The students of the college shall have to abide by the uniform of the college.

White Saree with Violet Border. Blouse - Deep Violet
Salwar - White
Kameez - Deep Violet
Chunni - White

Shirt - White
Trousers(Pants) - Black

If any body defy the rule may be liable to pay a fine of Rs.20/- in each day.


A student pursuing his / her students at H. S. level will have to attend a minimum 70 % lectures delivered in each subject separately while for student of TDC Part–I ( 1st Year ), Part—II ( 2nd Year ) and Part—III ( 3rd Year ) the minimum of attendance is 65% A student filing to attend classes for 25 days at a stretch is liable to forfeit his/her seat in the college. If a student is found frequently absent from the classes he/she is liable to pay a fine of minimum Rs.100/- of each student and for the maximum amount would Be imposed on most irregular students subject to the consideration of the authority.


No student will be allowed to sit for any final examination if he/she fails to attend required number of unit test and test examination of the college including the attendance required as per U. G. C. norms.


The college session generally starts from July with the autumn recess in September-October and Summer recess in May-June. It is subject to slight change depending on the decision of the executive council of Gauhati University from time to time. A tentative programme of the activities of the college during the session are given in the academic calendar of the college