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The Education department established in the year of 1981 in very establishment year of the Rupahi College as per resolution of the College Governing Body . In initial stage the department was associated with centrally but now it has got a separate department of education with adequate facilities . This department started major course in the year of 1996. CBCS HONOURS Course Started from 2019. Initially with a single faculty this department was started but now three faculty members are working .
Rupahi College introduced Education Department with following overall Objectives -
i. To promote our new generation for better future. ii. To generate man power at different levels of the society to enable to face challenges of the modern completive era .
iii. To empower and ensure the vertical mobility of the marginalised Students community .
iv. To equip the Students for higher studies .
v. To make them able for a better job which will enable them a better life . vi. To make them a good Punctual Citizen of the society .

Education Department established in Rupahi College in the year of 1981 with following mission-
• To provide service to the Students community for raising the skill of
life through better educational training . • To make Students as well as college
society literate.
• To spread light of education throughout
the society specially for women and marginalised people