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About :
The study of Botany is vital as plants are the fundamental part of life on earth. The curriculum for the BSc Botany programme has been designed with the aim of encouraging the board instructional goals and to support the growing demands and challenging trends in the educational scenario . It targets at providing an environment that encourages , promotes and stimulates the intellectual , professional and personal development of the student. Three years bachelor degree program in Botany provides the foundation for prospective Botanist to pursue a graduate level education or find an entry level career .

Brief History of the Department :
The history of the department of Botany begins only with the science stream of the college i.e. from -2017 . The department started with degree i.e. undergraduate degree programmes in Botany .

Former Lecturer's :
Mrs. Sabina Yesmin was the first lecturer who served as a lecturer from 1/8/2017 to 1/12/2020.
Anindita Sarma served as a lecturer from 4/9/2017 to 31/8/2019.
Jasmin Sultana served as a lecturer from 2/1/2020 to 1/8/2020.

Current Lecturer's :
Sheikh Mehe Abjan served as the lecturer from 11/9/2020 .
Rula Kakati served as lecturer from 11/11/2020

Mission :
 To enable the students of rural background to be sufficiently prepared to become independent botany learners in order to achieve their academic , professional and personal goals .
 To promote academic honesty and equip them with necessary academic books , research papers etc.

Vision :
 The of the department of Botany is to assist the students in developing academic responsibility and to discover their potential in becoming responsible global citizens with life-long learning goals .
 To guide the students in achieve excellence in research work.
 To guide the student to gain utmost knowledge regarding research , journals , how to do research work , how to write article , how to write journals etc.
 To guide the students for the future studies i.e. higher studies plan.
 To bring out the best in everyone of them and to help them to take the next step in their lives with confidence , convention and consideration for others .