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Rupahi College was established in the year 1981. The department of Home Science was initially introduced in the college at higher secondary level. Degree in Home Science was introduced in 1996 and further advanced to major in 2015.
The aims of the department are:
● To facilitate the students for all round development
● To help them in proper use of different resources necessary for solving different day to day problems and to develop different human resources that they possess
● To encourage the students to take up out-reach activities among rural community
The faculty members in the Home Science department currently include Rumi Sarma (1991), Dr. Babita Boruah (1996) and Dr. Rashmi Rekha Kalita (2018). There is a well equipped laboratory for conducting different practices based on the course requirements. The department consists of a departmental library providing necessary course books, lending it to under privileged students who cannot afford them. This is recorded and maintained with the help of an issue register. The entire course provides a holistic outlook towards vocational education as well home management. It nurtures the students with basic life skills and home management capabilities. It covers a broad area interest including:
● Human Development and Family Studies
● Food Science and Nutrition
● Textile and Apparel Designing
● Extension and Communication Management and
● Family Resource Management
The department has a record of 100% passing results all these years. The department also has provision of awards such as best graduate award which consist of a small sum of money to students in order to appreciate and motivate them to work hard in future. In 2020, Miss Shipra Adhikary, a graduate from Home Science department, Rupahi College holds the third position in all over the Gauhati University.
The vision of the Department of Home Science, Rupahi College are tries to motivate the changing social needs and existing realities of present-day society demand that the students are well versed in their respective areas of expertise and also are thoroughly trained to be absorbed as Professionals in their desire field of choice.
The Department of Home Science seeks to successfully bloom the students by imparting credible theoretical and practical knowledge and helps them to develop into conscious, qualified and empowered individuals with the right combination of Knowledge, skills and attitude.
The Department of Home Science is committed towards the holistic development of students through the inclusion of scientific knowledge, practical skills and field experience so as to prepare them to become professionals equipped with the relevant sets.