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A Brief History of the Department of Political Science:
Department of Political Science at Rupahi College was started in the year 10th August 1981.The department of Political science has been offering Major, Pass course and Higher Secendary since its establishment.

Infrastructural facilities:
 Departmental Library: Total books: 2119
 No. of text book:1033
 No. of ref. book:66
 Others book:29
 Computer with internet facility
 Department under CCTV surveillance
 Air Cooler – 1
 No. of Steel Elmira – 2
 No. of Inverter - 1
 Book Selves - 4
Courses offer:
B.A Honours (CBCS), Intake Capacity: 40
Regular (CBCS), Intake Capacity: 150
Higher Secondary, Intake Capacity: 60